Electronic Proceedings of the 12th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics




Abstract for 12915
Graphical Differentiation with ClassPad300Plus
Authors: Mutlu Akar, Mustafa Bayram, Hasan Unal
Affiliations: Yildiz Technical University

Research studies (e.g. Vinner, 1989) have shown that students’ mathematics understanding is typically analytic not visual. The use of multiple representations (visual and analytic) of mathematical concepts, in instruction can be beneficial for to students develop conceptual understanding of mathematics. The process of calculating the derivative f’ of a given function f is called differentiation. The graph of f’ can often be sketched directly from that of f by visualizing slopes, a procedure called graphical differentiation. In this poster presentation, authors will share the results of graphical differentiation activity done with ClassPad300+. We have tried activity with high school students and will share the results in detail. The results revealed that graphical differentiation have a positive effect on students understanding of differentiation concept compare to those received traditional instruction