Electronic Proceedings of the 12th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics



            Abstract for 12911

Visual Linear Algebra: Meaning and Realization

Authors: Vladimir Nodelman

Affiliations: Holon Institute of Technology

Keywords: visualization, linear algebra, dynamic, interactive


Topics: Applications using Dynamic/Interactive Geometry or/and CAS, Mathematics Teaching, Learning and Assessment using Technology 

Linear Algebra, being one of the fundamental mathematics courses, remains one of the least supported by instructional aids. Educators are making multiple efforts trying to ease its understanding, to visualize its notions and their interrelations. Subjects of Analytic Geometry are often studied within Linear Algebra course or before it and play a role of a natural tool for modeling algebraic ideas. However visualization cannot be reduced just to illustration of the course contents. It means also emphasizing and actualization of the correspondent intellectual activities that are also an important part of the studies. This paper demonstrates some new ideas and possibilities in Linear Algebra visualization by means of ''''VisuMatica''''- a tool developed for teaching mathematics in integrated visual and “interactive” manner.