Electronic Proceedings of the 12th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics



Abstract for 12909

Problems that can not be solved without a graphing calculator in high school and upper level

Authors: Fatih YILDIZ, Ahmet Arduc

Affiliations: Mersa Electronical & Technological Products Co; Fatih Colleges Science Schools Math Teacher.

Keywords: Novice, Intermediate, Undergraduate Level, K-12 Level, ClassPad 300, Casio, Comprehensive teaching, Graphics calculators, new methods of teaching, new curriculum, easy learning, visual and easy mathematics.


The use and definite advantages of graphing calculators are already well known and no need to count their benefits. But there are still too many teachers that do not believe in the necessity of graphing calculators that they are almost compulsory to be used. Even in the developed countries, there are still so many schools that do not use any graphing calculators. Most of them have been using without a graphing calculator. Our goal is to prove with many examples faced in many problems in high school and upper math range, that these problems can not be solved and understood without a graphing capable tool.