Electronic Proceedings of the 12th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics



            Abstract for 12894

            A Study of Interactive Mathematical Environments for Teacher with

            Trigger-based Animation

            Authors: Ming Jang Chen, Ning-chun Tan

            Affiliations: National Chiao Tung University, National Taipei

            University of Education



            Teaching strategy in information age usually needs close cooperation

            between teachers and technique professionals from the very beginning

            when the original ideas for teaching come out. Moreover, the

            performing of teaching information usually need to be reorganized

            within a single screen structurally, flexibly and interactively. The

            costs needed in man power and in time are high; it will be even

            higher if drawing software or the programming languages are applied.


            For the purpose of reducing digital divide while promoting its

            popularity simultaneously, the system ¡§Mathematical Presentation

            System (MathPS)¡¨ is developed as an interaction model for dynamic

            presentation on the platform of Microsoft PowerPoint in terms of

            trigger-based animation by reorganizing its original functions of


            This system MathPS provides an environment with friendly interface,

            and it is good for mathematical multi-presentations with the ability

            of dynamic interaction as well as an efficient environment for

            drawing. Under this system, the occurrences of information can be

            handled efficiently, which will help the performance needed in

            teaching. For example, it can help to present abstract mathematics

            concepts dynamically and even to demonstrate possible connections

            among those patterns found. In addition to its interactive ability,

            structural cloning method is also developed, leading to drawing

            environments for complicated figures efficiently and friendly.

            The purpose of this research is to provide an environment for course

            material preparation in a user-friendly manner, so that teachers can

            integrated their ideas into the material; moreover, the MathPS

            environment will also provide a chance for teachers to keep these

            material lively by using in class practically and revising

            continuously. Therefore, teaching pedagogy, teaching strategies, and

            teaching activities deserve further studies within the environment

            supported by the system of MathPS .