Electronic Proceedings of the 12th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics



            Abstract for 12769

            Student-Centered Assessments in Mathematics

            Authors: Premjit Singh

            Affiliations: Dept. of Mathematics, Ohio University



           This presentation outlines the ways in which I involve my students''

            in reflecting on their performance as they learn mathematics. I

            strongly believe that these class-room assessment techniques

            including minute notes, visualization techniques with TI

            calculators, etc...) keep them grounded and engaged during class and

            ensures that they absorb course material at higher levels.


            I also solicit their feedback on course materials and their

            performance by asking them to fill out a questionnaire after each

            exam. This exercise further promotes ownership of learning. Based on

            their responses, they are asked to figure out what they should do

            differently to improve their performance in the course as well as

            get a better grade in the course.