††††††††††† Electronic Proceedings of the 12th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics



Abstract for 12735

††††††††††† Introduction to Teaching with TI-Nspire CAS

††††††††††† Authors: Bernhard Kutzler

††††††††††† Affiliations: ACDCA - Austrian Center for Didactics of Computer

††††††††††† Algebra

††††††††††† Keywords: Novice


††††††††††† Texas Instrumentís new product TI-Nspire CAS carries the technology

††††††††††† of the legendary TI-92 further into a new generation Math/CAS tool.

††††††††††† Its innovative double-platform design (handheld + 100 % compatible

††††††††††† computer software) and the seamless integration of the various

††††††††††† components (computer algebra, graphing, dynamic geometry, geometry,

††††††††††† spreadsheet, notes, data collection) make it a very powerful

††††††††††† teaching and learning aid for teachers and students that is unique

††††††††††† on the market and has great potential.

††††††††††† In this workshop participants will gently be introduced to the

††††††††††† TI-Nspire CAS software and will learn how to use the product to

††††††††††† perform algebraic computations, produce graphs, and generate a

††††††††††† spreadsheet.