††††††††††† Electronic Proceedings of the 12th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics


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††††††††††† Helping teachers to Develop Self Learning Package using Microsoft

††††††††††† Office

††††††††††† Authors: Che-yin Suen, Boon Cheok Toh

†††† †††††††Affiliations: Hong Kah Secondary School, Hong Kah Secondary School,

††††††††††† Singapore

††††††††††† Keywords:


††††††††††† Many self-leaning packages have been developed. Parents are unhappy

††††††††††† to pay the on-line package subscription for their children to learn

††††††††††† mathematics. Teachers also feel that these packages are not tailored

††††††††††† for their own pupils. The authors used Excel to develop some lessons

††††††††††† so that pupils can learn in an environment which they are familiar

††††††††††† with. Parents need not to pay a single cent. Teachers can modify the

††††††††††† contents easily to fit their pupilsí need. As the author used Macro

††††††††††† and sliders in their development, all leaning is interactive.

††††††††††† Furthermore, the examples are not static. Pupils may have many

††††††††††† different examples during their learning.