Electronic Proceedings of the 12th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics


Abstract for 12312

The Integrated Lab Program -- Guided Discovery Learning

Authors: Jerome Epstein

Affiliations: Polytechnic University

Keywords: Undergraduate Level, K-12 Level, Guided Discovery

Learning, Teacher Education


The need to raise the skill and cognitive level of too many students

(and teachers) is now very well documented. This paper will discuss

very briefly some evidence of the problem from a new test instrument

developed by the author, but primarily will discuss an integrated

math and science laboratory program which is specifically designed

to meet this problem. The program uses technology extensively, since

it is all done in a laboratory, but it is decidedly low-tech. Most

of the equipment needed would be found in any college chemistry or

physics laboratory, and any that is specific to this program is

relatively inexpensive and commonly available. The key is that the

use of technology facilitates cognitive growth by allowing modeling

of basic concepts and testing of hypotheses. The paper will discuss

the basic philosophy and methodology of the program, discuss

implementations that have been instituted, and evaluate results. The

Integrated Laboratory Program (ILP) is designed to actually deal

with the problems, so widely found, of lack of basic skills, lack of

problem solving ability, non-transition to formal level thinking,

non-transfer of knowledge, and inability to apply basic quantitative

reasoning and skill to real world situations. I discuss the history,

the philosophy, the methodology, and the nuts and bolts of

implementing such a program. Interested persons are urged to contact

the author..