Abstract of Full Paper Presented at the 10th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics
December 12-19, 2005, South Korea

Designing and Mathematics Learning Through the Use of Graphs

Kim Namhee
Department of Mathematics
Jeonju University
South Korea


The purpose of this research is to learn secondary mathematics, utilizing technology. A design-making activity using graphs on a computer program was conducted with freshmen who entered the department of mathematics education (future mathematics teachers). The mathematics program that was used in this study is Grafeq. The activity of making mathematics design was conducted over a total of three years with freshmen who entered the college in 2002-2004. As a result of the activity, the effect of improvement in students’ cognitive and affective attitude was observed. Through the analysis of the researcher’s observation results and students’ individual records, the mathematics educational effects of this research were summarized as follows: The effects gained in the affective domain are the acquisition of a positive view of mathematics, raised interest level in mathematics, perception of each individual’s mathematical competence, experience of practicality and aesthetic qualities of mathematics. The effects gained in the cognitive domain are active study of mathematics, deepened understanding of secondary mathematics and its application, experience in mathematical problem solving process, perception of mathematical characteristics (integration of expressions and formalization etc.). The class activity process applied in this research can be utilized in regular mathematics classes of secondary schools and for the instruction of gifted students, through diversification of its levels and methods. Therefore, this paper will introduce Grafeq. program, the mathematics program used in this research, and suggest an instruction process using the program, examples of such activities, and the mathematics educational effects of such activities.

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