Abstract of Full Paper Presented at the 10th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics
December 12-19, 2005, South Korea

Using a Graphing Calculators to Explore Pre-University Level Mathematics - Some Examples in an In-service Course

Wee Leng Ng
National Institute of Education


Graphing calculators without a built-in computer algebra system will be permitted for use in all advanced level (pre-university) national Mathematics examinations in Singapore from the year 2006. Teachers teaching mathematics at the advanced level are expected to be proficient users of graphing calculators so that they can teach effectively with graphing calculators and prepare their students adequately for the incorporation of graphing calculators in assessment. Responding to this training need of teachers, the author has been conducting in-service courses on the use of the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator in the teaching and learning of advanced level mathematics. This paper shares some of the ideas covered in the course.

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