Abstract of Tutorial Given at the 10th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics
December 12-19, 2005, South Korea

Exploring and Problem Solving in Mathematics with Hand-held Technology CFX9850

Kyung Yoon Chang
Mathematics Education
Konkuk University


Technology can be used as a tool to deepen and enrich the mathematics activities and the mathematical thinking within the traditional curriculum frame. The comtemporary ICT societies require more creative problem solvers who can use ICT freely to optimize their solutions. The current Korean mathematics curriculum document highly recommends the ICT adoption including calculators. To maximize the advantage of technology in education, teachers should know the advantages and shortages, and the way of using the technology to be used, as well as mathematics content taught. Because the appropriate use is not automatically guaranteed. This workshop is planned to invite students and mathematics teachers to experience how technology can be integrated into mathematics curriculum by providing hands-on experiences with graphic calculators. CFX9850 supports to deal with matrix, table, graph, animation, statistics as well as calculation under iconic environment. Participants in this workshop will be involved in several exploration and problem solving activities on function, algebraic patterns and statistics. They will also experience how calculators can extend mathematics learning by analyzing real data obtained through Data logging system EA200.

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