Abstract Presented at the 10th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics
December 12-19, 2005, South Korea

Using CASIO Class Pad 300 to improve finding-approach in mathematics Classes

Se-ho Han
Bundang high school
South Korea


There has been the increasing utility and continual development in the field of technical engineering. And that requires the change of thinking from conventional paradigm of "definition theorem proof corollary (and then, perhaps application) to the finding-approach of "problem experiment conjecture (and then, perhaps proof)" and emphasizes that doing mathematics should be fundamentally some creative process involving experiments. It is insisted that Computer Algebra Systems(CAS) should provide the experiment which can infer reasonable and well-supported conclusions and many alternative solutions of an equation should help the students to develop their understanding of generalization. But, CAS was originally designed by mathematicians, scientists, and engineers. Therefore the implementation of CAS into education, especially school scene, is still in an early stage. So this article describes the math class which improves finding-approach by using ClassPad 300 with a built-in CAS. In conclusion, the students educated in the math class which puts emphasize on this finding-approach tend to understand mathematics more profoundly and accept mathematics as worthwhile.

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