Abstract Presented at the 10th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics
December 12-19, 2005, South Korea

A development of online mathematics inquiry learning system using computer algebra system

Junghyun Seo
Computer Science
Sunchon National University
South Korea


Maple, a CAS(computer algebra system), is a programming language close to the presentation of mathematical symbols and has data structure of function, sequence, set, list, array and tables. Not only it computes simple equation process for scientific calculation, but also translate mathematical symbols and presentation to recognize their grammar and meanings. In this paper, we develop a white box type worksheet to be used for students learning of mathematics such as graph theory, sort, functions and transform the developed worksheet to XML to be used in web environment. The XML documents are, then, updated to be adaptive for students learning. In worksheet setup stage, we categorized worksheets by 4 steps which are preparation step, study goal presentation step, main study, the summary and assessment for the effective learning. Also, using functions provided by Maple, we made "white box" type worksheet in learning stage to show the process step for students to understand the suggested mathematics theory. Also, the system which is consisted with Mathml tags exporting from Maple functions is unavailable to interact between student and developed system and to enter the process by student's itself following the achievement in each study process. Therefore, inserting the XML tags which is able to support the interaction, we developed online mathematics inquiry learning system which builds worksheet as above and updates the exported documents to be able to support interaction.

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