Abstract Presented at the 10th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics
December 12-19, 2005, South Korea

Multimedia Type Calculator Program and Lesson of Character of Natural Number Using It

Kazumi Yamada
Faculty of Education and Human Sciences
Niigata University


1 Calculator Program of Multimedia Style I made the calculator program of the multimedia style which changed the design of the usual calculator as follows. Each number key of the calculator from 0 to 9 is replaced by the key of a different animal mark. From now on, these keys will be called animal buttons. If an animal button is pushed, the cry of the animal will carry out. If one of "+, -, * /, =" is pushed, this symbol will be read in a child's voice. The formula made from his keystroke and the answer of this calculation will be appeared on the display using animal marks. This calculator will be used for motivation. When a child solves a problem, the calculator of the design which replaced the picture of each animal in the simple figure is used. Each number key of this calculator from 0 to 9 is expressed with "œC›CŸCžCCŒCCCC". These keys will be called figure buttons. It becomes easy for a child to write down formulas on his note by replacing animal buttons with figure buttons. The next restrictions are imposed so that it can use also for a schoolchild. When an answer can be found in a natural number, the answer is displayed using one or two buttons. The "?" mark is displayed when it cannot be found. For example, if the values of a figure button are Ÿ‚QCŒ‚TCand ‚V, then 5+2=7 is displayed likeŒ\Ÿ. 2 Interactive Problem Solving The problem "Guess the number of each key of the calculator covered by the pattern of the animal by carrying out calculation of single figures several times." is given to a child. In order to solve this problem, he will need to experiment about various cases repeatedly. The child who was doing calculation from curiosity comes to pay his attention to the pattern of formulas, or the character of a natural number gradually. He is going to guess using calculation results and confirm it. If this problem is solved using the sign of "+,-, *, /" freely, he will notice various problems will produce according to how many kinds of symbols of operation is admitted. He comes to challenge the problem of inferring the number of the key of the calculator covered by the figure mark only using any one of four kinds of the symbols of operation. 3 Learning Effect By repeating building and trying a hypothesis and inferring this using the character of a natural number, he can study carrying out mathematics in experience. It is an aim of this subject by investigating the character of a number rather than only carrying out computation practice that a child comes to have interest concern in the beauty and the intellectual fun in the world of a natural number. Since this problem is abstract and mathematical, there are many children who feel difficulty. However, a multimedia calculator makes that forgotten. Learning environment with presence can be made by utilizing multimedia. A child who dislikes mathematics comes to learn actively with absorbed interest.

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