Abstract Presented at the 10th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics
December 12-19, 2005, South Korea

Information Technology On The Examination

Wang Jiyan
Mathematics Teaching Technology Centre


In 2000 the scientific calculators were allowed to be taken into the university entrance examination in the first time. From that time it has six years to use the scientific calculators for the examination and all had the good result. Now some high schools are doing special experiment on the graphic calculators. And after some years the graphic calculators maybe allowed into the examination. All of these have brought some thinking:

What influence to mathematics teaching?
What influence to studentsĄŻ mathematics abilities?
What influence to mathematics examination?

We can get some answers from six years experience of the scientific calculators on Shanghai. The varied problems on the examination had showed us some good impression from the simple manipulate problems to the exploring mathematics problems about some opened problems.

The influence of information technology on mathematics, mathematics teaching and mathematics examination can't be underestimated. Students would be closer to the mathematics concept, have mathematical experiences, and would be the more active learners. It can also make mathematics exploration, mathematics experiment and improvement of mathematical concept learning become possible. Students can got more information and methods of solving problems through learning of numerical, graphical and symbolical representation.

Modern information technology must become the valid tool for teachers to teach mathematics, and further it must become the powerful assistant for students to learn mathematics and do mathematics, become the tools for students to understand mathematical concepts and to explore mathematical problems.

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