The Paradigmatic Roles and Pedagogical Functions of IT in Mathematics Education in East Asia


Percy Lai-yin KWOK


Dept. of Education

University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong.





In East Asia comparative perspectives, the paradigmatic roles and pedagogical functions of various components of IT (e.g. internet web-sites, CDROMs, multi-functional computer software and graphing calculators) have not been conceptually discussed and empirically evaluated, despite its increasing importance.


In this paper, section (I) depicts the 4-level paradigmatic roles of IT in mathematics education. Section (II) brings out a 3-dimensional conceptual framework for systemic classification of the pedagogical characteristics of various components of IT in mathematics education. In section (III), based on one in-depth case study of 8 high secondary school students' learning process on complex numbers in Cabri Geometry, a cognitive model for conceptualizing their thoughts is speculated. By pointing out some crucial socio-cultural features, far-reaching implications are drawn in mathematics education. Special focus will be placed on IT assessment, which is beneficial to curriculum development in East-Asia countries in the next century.


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