Collaborations of Three Educational Parties in Leading IT Development in Mathematics Education


Percy L. Y. Kwok

Department of Education

University of Hong Kong


K. Y. Lam

South Tuen Mun Government Secondary School



Christine Mei-yue Tang

Curriculum Development Institute (CDI)

Education Department (ED) of HKSAR government







Most IT researches in mathematics education are confined to classroom settings [5], ignoring the surrounding conditions for their practicality. In this paper, an innovative collaboration of three educational parties: teaching frontiers, curriculum developers and academic theorists, e.g.[1], are all involved.

The 3 authors endeavor to: (i) address pedagogical, teacher-training, policy-making problems when the parties are functioning separately without mutual adaptation at present and share value-dilemmas encountered by the three educational parties in Hong Kong; (ii) adopt and examine an integrated school (hybridizing ‘top-down' and ‘down-up') approach in perpetuating regionalised IT school culture in order to consolidate forthcoming school-based mathematics curricula in Hong Kong and even other Asian countries in the next century; (iii) discuss some activities on using various components of IT in teaching and learning mathematics in day-time lessons and after-school activities by the new approach.


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