Exploring the ATCM papers and authors using the open-source tool mathesar

Mathesar is a tool (still in the process of development, but already highly usable) for exploring a database using a spreadsheet-like interface. Pretty much everybody uses spreadsheets, which are a useful tool, if overused. Databases are more mysterious, although in fact databases are the bedrock of almost all modern computing. Databases have some key differences from spreadsheets, although there are also some (sperficial) similarities:

  1. To use mathesar to view and explore the ATCM database, go to:


    Log in with:

    To explore the papers, there should be several databases shown, choose "ATCM Papers".

    You can open either of the tables and browse through them.

  2. Explorations

    a. Suppose we want to find out which papers refer to origami.

    b. How many authors have come from Malaysia?

  3. Explorations with small output. If the output is less than 10 records, a quick way (for example, using 2a from above):

    This is a quick and dirty method; for proper analysis you'd need to filter and transform as described above.

Explore these databases as you like, and report errors (there will be many) to Alasdair McAndrew at amca01@gmail.com